Heavy Load Rollers in Logistic Systems

B. Künne, V. Mehlan, A. Langenohl


Wheels with polyurethane bandages are in common use in logistic systems with friction gear actuation. Many research projects have studied the mechanical construction of these heavy load wheels. The studies have been theoretical as well as experimental. Research interests at the department of machine elements include the wear in the presence of intermediate material on the contact area between the bandage surface and the contact surface on which the wheel rolls off. This problem, which is observed when examining this tribochemical system, has not been studied before. Within this project both one-phase intermediate materials such as sand, water, cutting-cooling-emulsion, metal splinters and two-phase intermediate materials such as sand/water and combinations of the latter were taken into consideration. In addition, the exposure of the bandage hardness, the cross linking agent of the polyurethane, the mechanical stress, and the slip are observed. The analysis of the experimental results indicates that friction gear actuators can be constructed abrasion-optimised, taking into account special interfering effects in the form of intermediate materials in the contact area.


wear; polyurethane; heavy load wheel; heavy load rollers; abrasive; tribochemical; hydrolysis; abrasion; intermediate material

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