Process Design for Hot Forging of Asymmetric to Symmetric Rib-web Shaped Steel

H. Cho, B. Oh, C. Jo, K. Lee


The process design of hot forging, asymmetric to symmetric rib-web shaped steel, which is used for the turnout of express rails has been studied. Owing to the great difference in shape between the initial billet and the final forged product, it is impossible to hot forge the rail in a single stage operation. Therefore, multi stage forging and also die design for each stage are necessary for the production process. The numerical simulation for hot forging of asymmetric shape to symmetric shape was carried out using commercial FEM code, DEFORMTM-2D. Modification of the design and repeated simulation was carried out on the basis of the simulation results. For comparison with the simulation results, a flow analysis experiment using plasticine was also carried out. The results of the flow analysis experiment showed good agreement with those of the simulation.


process design; hot forging; asymmetric; symmetric; high speed rail

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