Numerical Calculation of Electric Fields in Housing Spaces Due to Electromagnetic Radiation from Antennas for Mobile Communication

H.-P. Geromiller, A. Farschtschi


The influence of electromagnetic radiation from mobile antennas on humans is under discussion in va'rious groups ofscientists, This paper deals with the impact ofelectromagnetic radiation in a housing space. The space is assumedto be bordered by 5 walls of ferroconcrete and a door-window combination on the 6th side, the latter to be electromagnetically transparent. The transparent side of the housing is exposed to an electromagnetic wave. As the source ofradiation is considered to be far away from the housing, the radiation is regarded to be from a plane wave. Due to the high signal frequency and ferroconcrete walls, 5 sides ofthe housing space are considered to be perfect conductors.

The electric field inside the housing is calculated numerically by the method of finite differences for different angles of incidence of the radiated electromagnetic wave. The maximum value of the calculated electric field is outlined in a diagram.


numerical calculation; finite difference; electric fields; mobile communication

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