Jan Machovec, Pavel Reiterman


This article deals with the long-term durability of a relatively new composite – textile reinforced concrete (TRC). The studied composite material introduces a modern and favourite solution in contemporary architecture and structural engineering. It could also be used in renovation and monument restoration due to its high utility properties. The experimental program was focused on the determination of the resistance of the TRC in an aggressive environment using durability accelerated tests. The high performance concrete (HPC), which we used in our study, exhibited a compressive strength exceeding 100MPa after 28 days. Specimens were subjected to a 10% solution of H2SO4, 10% solution of NaOH, and freeze-thaw cycling respectively. All these environments can occur in real conditions in the TRC practical utilization. The testing was carried out on “dog-bone” shaped specimens, specially designed for the tensile strength measurement. Studied TRC specimens were reinforced by textiles of three different square weight that were applied in one or two layers, which led to the expected increase of tensile strength The freeze-thaw cycling had the biggest influence on the tensile properties, because it causes micro-cracks formation. The specimens exposed to the chemically aggressive environment deteriorated mostly on the surface, because of the high density of the concrete and generally low penetration of the media used. The resistance of the studied TRC to the aggressive environment increased with the applied reinforcement rate. The performed experimental programme highlighted the necessity of including the durability properties in the design of structural elements.


textile concrete; tensile strength; accelerated durability test; acid environment; freezing-thawing; alkaline solution.


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