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My seven years with Acta Polytechnica ended on June 30. The opportunity to lead this journal from a local list of reviewed periodicals to the prestigious databases – Web of Science, Scopus, Inspec, CAS and more – was a rewarding experience and privilege for me.

All this would have not been possible without the continual cooperation and understanding of many individuals, who contribute to putting the journal together.

In the first place there are authors of excellent submissions and reviewers who contributed their time, expertise, knowledge and experience to help the authors to improve their manuscripts and, through their comments and questions, gave them an inspiration for their further research. During my tenure I saw very satisfying trends in our submissions, mainly the increasing quality of the manuscripts submitted by young researchers.

I very appreciate the continual support of all the members of the editorial board. As experts in their field they contributed to the editorial process, provided invaluable advices and recommendations. In particular I would like to thank the internal board members, who collaborated with their colleagues from faculties and institutes. Without this motivating communication and cooperation across the university the AP would not be what it is.

A special thanks belongs to Tomáš Hejda. Seven years ago he created the image of the journal and set up typographic rules and standards. Last but not least, AP could not grow without the work of the language editors, especially Robin Healey.

And, of course, I would like to thank all the colleagues from the CTU Central Library for their support and intensive cooperation. Without them it would not be possible to set the necessary publishing standards and processes. Especially I would like to thank Lenka Němečková for being a source of energy and inspiration for the AP, and thank to the director of the CTU Central Library Marta Machytková for her support.

Finally, I would like to introduce and welcome an outstanding colleague and the new Editor-in-Chief Tereza Karlová. I very respect her professional skills, I am convinced that she has the right motivation for the successful management of Acta Polytechnica and I wish her all the best.

Iva Adlerová Outgoing Editor-in-Chief


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