Implementation of Component-based Simulation Support Tool for Conceptual Design

T. Brandejský


Presented paper speaks about the problem of conceptual design stage simulation support. Simulation support is a very useful part of conceptual design system due to capability to verify ideas in early design stages. The problem excluding classical simulation tools is lack of information about designed device, is inconsistency and uncertainty. Thus specialised tool must be developed. The component-oriented editor of component descriptions and models is presented. This tool enables to describe components not only in terms of algebraic equations, but also by fuzzy rules. The problem of dynamic work with uncertainty representation during simulation and design processes is also solved. Presented tool also differentiates from standard tools like Mathematica or Matlab in its ability to work with component-based models, where each component is described from many aspects and only few of them are valid in concrete use. The tool must be able to select relations relevant in concrete simulation task and omit the rest. 


component-based simulation; conceptual design; mixed uncertainty description; heterogeneous model; dynamic uncertainty representation selection

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