Pavel V. Yemelin, Sergey S. Kudryavtsev, Natalya K. Yemelina


The purpose of the article is to present an analytical system that allows users to proces data necessary for an industrial risk analysis and management, to monitor the level of industrial safety in a given site, and to fulfil essential tasks within the field of occupational safety. This system’s implementation will make the industrial safety management at industrial sites more effective. Multifactorial, probabilistic, determined models of accidents’ hazard and severity indexes are integrated into the computing core of the Information and Analytical System. Then, statistical methods determine the risk assessment of occupational injuries and diseases. The Information and Analytical System for Hazard Level Assessment and Forecasting Risk of Emergencies in the Republic of Kazakhstan allows users to work efficiently with large volumes of information and form a united analytical electronic report about the state of industrial safety. The main objective of the monitoring system is to conduct a comprehensive analysis and assessment of the state of accidents, traumas and occupational sickness rates at industrial sites, the results being classified by the degree of hazard and insalubrity of manufacture. The introduction of the computer monitoring system in the specialized services of the Emergency Management Committee and the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and at industrial enterprises throughout the country, will allow users to analyse the state of the industrial and occupational safety constantly and objectively; as a consequence, the implementation will go a long way towards comprehensively approaching the task of increasing safety levels at industrial sites.


industrial safety, industrial traumatism, professional sickness rate, risk assessment, risk management, risk monitoring


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