Developing a Conceptual Design Engineering Toolbox and its Tools


  • R. W. Vroom
  • E. J. J. van Breemen
  • W. F. van der Vegte



toolbox, conceptual design engineering, development process, use process forecast, balanced comprehension


In order to develop a successful product, a design engineer needs to pay attention to all relevant aspects of that product. Many tools are available, software, books, websites, and commercial services. To unlock these potentially useful sources of knowledge, we are developing C-DET, a toolbox for conceptual design engineering. The idea of C-DET is that designers are supported by a system that provides them with a knowledge portal on one hand, and a system to store their current work on the other. The knowledge portal is to help the designer to find the most appropriate sites, experts, tools etc. at a short notice. Such a toolbox offers opportunities to incorporate extra functionalities to support the design engineering work. One of these functionalities could be to help the designer to reach a balanced comprehension in his work. Furthermore C-DET enables researchers in the area of design engineering and design engineers themselves to find each other or their work earlier and more easily. Newly developed design tools that can be used by design engineers but have not yet been developed up to a commercial level could be linked to by C-DET. In this way these tools can be evaluated in an early stage by design engineers who would like to use them. This paper describes the first prototypes of C-DET, an example of the development of a design tool that enables designers to forecast the use process and an example of the future functionalities of C-DET such as balanced comprehension.


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R. W. Vroom

E. J. J. van Breemen

W. F. van der Vegte




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Vroom, R. W., van Breemen, E. J. J., & van der Vegte, W. F. (2004). Developing a Conceptual Design Engineering Toolbox and its Tools. Acta Polytechnica, 44(2).