Hesham Adnan Alabbasi, Izz Kadhum Abboud, Fadhil Sahib Hasan


One of the most famous techniques of non-coherent differential chaos shift keying (DCSK) is Quadrature chaos shift keying (QCSK) system, this system suffered from lowering the data rate and increasing the bit energy during the bit transmission even though its rate doubling the one of the DCSK. Short reference (SR) algorithm is proposed for the QCSK system to design the SR-QCSK communication system that enhances these drawbacks. The main idea of the short reference technique is minimizing the length of the reference chaotic signal (β) at a transmitter by a factor P comparing to produce R samples for the new reference signal while the length of the information-bearing signal remained unchanged, this occurs by duplicating the reference signal P times to get the same length as the conventional QCSK. Therefore, the symbol duration is reduced from 2βTc to (R+β)Tc. The data rate and energy saving improvement factor in a percent form is derived and compared with the QCSK and DCSK systems. Also, the BER analytical expression is derived for the SR-QCSK in additive white Gaussian noise and Rayleigh fading channel. The experimental simulation results proved that the theory derivation gives a good analysis tracking for the BER performance. The SR-QCSK system is compared with other DCSK techniques and the simulation results show that it has a superior performance in the multipath Rayleigh fading channel.


DCSK, SR-QCSK, high information rate, energy saving, performance analysis, chaotic maps.


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