Analysis of Unsteady Transonic Flow Fields by Means of the Colour Streak Schlieren Method

J. Ulrych


This article deals with a new approach to the investigation of unsteady transonic flow fields around aerodynamic models and in blade cascades using a schlieren method of flow visualisation. The principle and the application of the Colour Streak Schlieren Method (CSSM) are defined. The characteristic flow field features were observed and analysed around an oscillating NACA 0012 airfoil under the conditions of transonic free stream Mach number (M∞ = 0.9), initial angle of attack (α = +4 deg), one amplitude of oscillation (Δα=±3 deg), and three frequencies of model oscillation (f = 1, 15, 30 Hz). There is a description of the terminal shock wave hysteresis across the investigated area, which was revealed in particular cases. Application possibilities of CSSM and its further development are discussed.


High-speed aerodynamics; experiment; flow field analysis; transonic flow fields; flow visualisation; Colour Streak Schlieren Method

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