Study of the Discharge Stream from a Standard Rushton turbine impeller

J. Kratěna, I. Fořt


The discharge stream from a standard Rushton turbine impeller exhibits special flow properties different from the characteristics of the velocity field in other parts of the volume of an agitated liquid in a cylindrical baffled vessel, e.g. two prevailing components of the mean velocity (radial and tangential), high rate of turbulent energy dissipation and anisotropy of turbulence in this region. At the same time, the discharge stream plays an important role in mixing operations, above all in liquid-liquid and gas-liquid systems.This paper deals with theoretical and experimental studies of the velocity field and flow of angular momentum in a discharge stream from a standard Rushton turbine impeller in a cylindrical baffled flat bottomed vessel under turbulent regime of flow of an agitated liquid with emphasis on describing the ensemble averaged values over the whole interval of the tangential coordinate around the vessel perimeter.


Rushton turbine impeller; discharge stream; turbulent flow; velocity field

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