The Influence of Disorder in Multifilament Yarns on the Bond Performance in Textile Reinforced Concrete

M. Konrad, R. Chudoba


In this paper we analyze the performance of a bond layer between the multi-filament yarn and the cementitious matrix. The performance of the bond layer is a central issue in the development of textile-reinforced concrete. The changes in the microstructure during the loading result in distinguished failure mechanisms on the micro, meso and macro scales. The paper provides a brief review of these effects and describes a modeling strategy capable of reflecting the failure process. Using the model of the bond layer we illuminate the correspondence between the disorder in the microstructure of the yarn and the bonding behavior at the meso- and macro level. Particular interest is paid to the influence of irregularities in the micro-structure (relative differences in filament lengths, varying bond quality, bond-free length) for different levels of local bond quality between the filament surface and the matrix. 


textile reinforced concrete; material model; bond performance; micro scale

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