Marine diesel engines operating cycle simulation for diagnostics issues


  • Dmytro S. Minchev National University of Shipbuilding, Internal Combustion Engines, Plants and Technical Maintenance Department, Heroyiv Ukrayiny ave., 9, 54025 Mykolaiv, Ukraine
  • Roman A. Varbanets Odessa National Maritime University, Marine Engineering Department, 34 Mechnikov Str., 65029 Odessa, Ukraine
  • Nadiya I. Alexandrovskaya Odessa National Maritime University, Marine Engineering Department, 34 Mechnikov Str., 65029 Odessa, Ukraine
  • Ludmila V. Pisintsaly Odessa National Maritime University, Marine Engineering Department, 34 Mechnikov Str., 65029 Odessa, Ukraine



Mathematical simulation, valve train, fuel injection, mathematical-based diagnostics.


The ongoing monitoring of marine diesel engines helps to detect the deviations of its parameters early and prevent major failures. But the experimental diagnostics data are generally limited, so frequently, it isn’t possible to get all the necessary information to make a clear decision. The mathematical simulation could be used to clarify the experimental data and to provide a deeper understanding of engine conditions. In this paper, the MAN 6L80MCE marine diesel engine of “Father S” bulk carrier diagnostics issues are considered. The diagnostics data were collected with DEPAS Handy equipment and present the information about indicated processes by every engine cylinder. The on-line resource Blitz-PRO was used for the simulation of the engine operation and helped to prove that the variation in exhaust valve’s closing timing is responsible for the observed compression pressure difference, while the irregularity in fuel injection causes the considerable difference in the maximum pressure.


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