An Investigation of corrosion of friction welded and post-weld heat-treated AA6061/SiC/graphite hybrid composites


  • Jadamuni Senthilkumar Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sholinganallur, 600119 Chennai, India
  • Pavan S. M. Kumar RMK College of Engineering and Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Puduvoyal, 601206 Chennai, India
  • Manickam Balasubramanian RMK College of Engineering and Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Puduvoyal, 601206 Chennai, India



Corrosion, aluminium, friction welding, PWHT, hybrid composite.


The aluminium-based hybrid metal matrix composites have noteworthy applications in sub-sea installations, structures of deep-sea crawlers, submarine parts, engine cylinders, drum brakes etc., as they possess high strength, corrosion resistance, chemical, and dimensional stability. In this investigation, the pitting corrosion behaviour of friction welded and post-weld heat-treated AA6061/SiC/graphite hybrid composites were analysed. The corrosion rates of AW (as welded), ST (Solution treated), STA (Solution treated and Aged), and AA (Artificially Aged) weld joints were experimentally determined. The corrosion behaviour has been discussed in light of microstructure. The experimental results revealed that the STA joints exhibited better corrosion resistance characteristics as compared to AW, AA, and ST joints. The corrosion rate was high for AW joints, followed by AA and ST joints, respectively. Taking into account the corrosion rates of AW and STA joints, the STA joints have a corrosion rate 34.6% lesser than that of AW joints. A comparison of AA and ST with STA joints reveals that the rate of corrosion for STA joints was 31.1% lesser than that of AA joints and 28.8% lesser than that of ST joints. A lower corrosion rate was observed for STA joints as compared to AA, AW, and ST joints.


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