Study of Concepts of Parallel Kinematics Machines for Advanced Manufacturing

M. Valášek, V. Bauma, Z. Šika


This paper deals with possible new concepts for machine tools based on parallel kinematics for advanced manufacturing. Parallel kinematics machines (PKM) enable the mechanical properties of manufacturing machines to be improved. This has been proven by several new machine tool concepts. However, this potential can be and must be increased by applying the principle of redundant actuation. This paper deals with the extension of the concepts of redundantly actuated parallel kinematics structures for five-sided five-axis machine tools and for a free-forming sheet metal forming machine. The design principles of previous successful PKMs are summarized and new concepts are proposed. The most important requirement criteria are summarized. The proposed concepts are qualitatively and initially quantitatively evaluated according to these criteria. 


parallel kinematics; machine tools; metal forming machines; conceptual design

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