Dirac oscillator in dynamical noncommutative space


  • Ilyas Haouam Université Frères Mentouri, Laboratoire de Physique Mathématique et de Physique Subatomique (LPMPS), Constantine 25000, Algeria




dynamical noncommutative space, τ -space, noncommutative Dirac oscillator, perturbation theory


In this paper, we address the energy eigenvalues of two-dimensional Dirac oscillator perturbed by a dynamical noncommutative space. We derived the relativistic Hamiltonian of Dirac oscillator in the dynamical noncommutative space, in which the space-space Heisenberg-like commutation relations and noncommutative parameter are position-dependent. Then, we used this Hamiltonian to calculate the first-order correction to the eigenvalues and eigenvectors, based on the language of creation and annihilation operators and using the perturbation theory. It is shown that the energy shift depends on the dynamical noncommutative parameter τ . Knowing that, with a set of two-dimensional Bopp-shift transformation, we mapped the noncommutative problem to the standard commutative one.


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