MEE (Materials Engineering for Electronics) - Aim, Tools and Perspectives

J. Kousal, V. Papež, J. J. Venkrbec, J. Štětina, J. Sedláček


New approach to solidification processes based on a combination  of mechanical vibrations and on specially introduced magneto-hydrodynamic forces is illustrated on GaSb grown from Ga and Sb solutions. Process is accelerated approximately 20-times compared with "classical" Travelling heater method - solution growth. Up to now, though ingots possess mosaic texture, their transport properties: μH = 3.800 cm2/Vs, p = 1.7 . 1017 at 77 K are slightly better than published results. A schematic arrangement of the growth apparatus for a modified travelling heater method, and of the growth conditions are given. A simple calculation of levitation phenomenon being generated by a controlled MHD forces are presented. There is brought a brief analyses of this phenomenon for an application on the above mentioned processes. Some experimentation attempts are added. Possible perspectives inhering in this peculiar process can also inspire young investigators/scientists.


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Published by the Czech Technical University in Prague