Primary Response Assessment Method for Concept Design of Monotonous Thin-Walled Structures

V. Zanic, P. Prebeg


A concept design methodology for monotonous, tapered thin-walled structures (wing/fuselage/ship/bridge) is presented including modules for: model generation; loads; primary (longitudinal) and secondary (transverse) strength calculations; structural feasibility (buckling/fatigue/ultimate strength criteria); design optimization modules based on ES/GA/FFE; graphics. A method for primary strength calculation is presented in detail. It provides the dominant response field for design feasibility assessment. Bending and torsion of the structure are modelled with the accuracy required for concept design. A ‘2.5D-FEM’ model is developed by coupling a 1D-FEM model along the ‘monotonity’ axis and a 2D-FEM model(s) transverse to it. The shear flow and stiffness characteristics of the cross-section for bending and pure/restrained torsion are given, based upon the warping field of the cross-section. Examples: aircraft wing and ship hull. 


thin-walled structures; shear flow; FEM; concept design

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