Theoretical analysis of the influence of the chevron inclination angle on the thermal performance of a gasket plate heat exchanger


  • Élcio Nogueira State University of Rio de Janeiro, Department of Mechanic and Energy, Brazil



gasket plate heat exchanger, chevron inclination angle, vegetable oil cooler, theoretical analysis, second law of thermodynamics


Different models are applied for an experimental and theoretical determination of the thermal and hydraulic performance of gasket plate heat exchanger. One of the relevant aspects of recent works is the influence of the chevron inclination angle between the heat exchanger plates. This work aims to analyse the impact of the chevron inclination angle by applying an effective concept in a sunflower vegetable oil cooler. Comparisons are made with theoretical and experimental results from the literature for works that consider angles of inclination equal to 30◦, 45◦, and 60◦. An analysis model that does not consider the inclination angle as an explicit parameter is included for comparison purposes. In addition to the angle of inclination, two other parameters, the mass flow rate of the cold fluid (water) and the number of plates, are considered crucial for determining and analysing the results. Nusselt number, global heat transfer coefficient, effectiveness, heat transfer rate, and outlet temperatures for hot and cold fluids are presented in a graphical format. The results point to the need to improve models applied to gasket plate heat exchangers concerning the influence of the inclination angle since there are significant differences between those obtained and analysed in this work.


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