Power System Stabilizer Driven by an Adaptive Fuzzy Set for Better Dynamic Performance

H. F. Soliman, A.-F. Attia, M. Hellal, M. A. L. Badr


This paper presents a novel application of a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) driven by an adaptive fuzzy set (AFS) for a power system stabilizer (PSS).The proposed FLC, driven by AFS, is compared with a classical FLC, driven by a fixed fuzzy set (FFS). Both FLC algorithms use the speed error and its rate of change as input vectors. A single generator equipped with FLC-PSS and connected to an infinite bus bar through double transmission lines is considered. Both FLCs, using AFS and FFS, are simulated and tested when the system is subjected to different step changes in the reference value. The simulation results of the proposed FLC, using the adaptive fuzzy set, give a better dynamic response of the overall system by improving the damping coefficient and decreasing the rise time and settling time compared with classical FLC using FFS. The proposed FLC using AFS also reduces the computational time of the FLC as the number of rules is reduced. 


fuzzy controller: static and adapted fuzzy sets and power system stabilizer

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