System for 3D Visualization of Flaws for Eddy Current Inspection

A. Dočekal, M. Kreidl, R. Šmíd


This paper presents a novel method for 3D visualization of flaws detected during Eddy Current (EC) inspection. The EC data was acquired using an automated scanning system equipped with precise eddy current probe positioning. The method was tested on a single frequency instrument with an absolute probe. The EC inspection procedure is implemented statically by registering the operating point of the instrument at each equidistant point on a tested object.The paper describes a data processing method based on the Fourier transform enabling 3D visualization of flaws. This three-dimensional image of the result of a scan enables the position of flaws to be determined, and the size and bevel (angle to the surface) of each detected flaw to be estimated. This research investigated flaws rising from the surface of the tested object, and flaw depth was not evaluated in this work. This method of visualization is simple to implement and is currently targeted for application in EC scanning devices. 


Eddy Current (EC); visualization; modified Fourier descriptors

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