Embedded Coding of Astronomical Images

F. I. Y. Elnagahy, A. A. Haroon, Y. A. Azzam, A. El-Bassuny Alawy, H. K. Elminir, B. Šimák


Recursive partitioning of significant wavelet sub-bands (RPSWS) is an embedded rate scalable wavelet-based image coding algorithm. The RPSWS coder produces a fully embedded bit stream and encodes the image to exactly the desired bit rate (precise rate control). This paper investigates the applicability and the reliability of the RPSWS coder for coding astronomical images. Various types of astronomical images were compressed at different bit-rates using the RPSWS coder. The results were compared to the set partitioning in hierarchal trees coder (SPIHT), a well known embedded image corder. The comparison of the performance of the two algorithms was based on quantitative rate-distortion evaluations and subjective assessments of image quality. 


Image compression; Color RPSWS; wavelet sub-band partitioning; embedded coding; SPIHT; astronomical images

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