Using of Expert Systems in Electrodiagnostics of Large Electrical Machines

K. Záliš


Several rule-based expert systems were developed for diagnostics of high voltage (HV) insulation systems, especially for the evaluation of partial discharge (PD) activity. Several rule-based expert systems were developed in the cooperation of top diagnostic workplaces of the Czech Republic for this purpose. The IZOLEX expert system evaluates diagnostic measurement data from commonly used off-line diagnostic methods for the diagnostics of HV insulation of rotating machines, non-rotating machines and insulating oils. The CVEX expert system evaluates the PD activity on HV electrical machines and equipment by means of an off-line measurement. The CVEXON expert system is for the evaluation of the discharge activity by on-line measurement and the ALTONEX expert system is the system for on-line monitoring of rotating machines. The complex project for the evaluation of a PD measurement on HV insulation systems has also been made. This complex evaluating system includes two parallel expert systems for the evaluation of a PD activity on HV electrical machines.


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