Refactorisation methods for TTCN-3

L. Eros, F. Bozoki


In this paper we introduce automatic methods for restructuring source codes written in test description languages. We modify the structure of these sources without making any changes to their behavior. This technique is called refactorisation. There are many approaches to refactorisation. The goal of our refactorisation methods is to increase the maintainability of source codes. We focus on TTCN-3 (Testing and Test Control Notation), which is a rapidly spreading test description language nowadays. A TTCN-3 source consists of a data description (static) part and a test execution (dynamic) part. We have developed models and refactorisation methods based on these models, separately for the two parts. The static part is mapped into a layered graph structure, while the dynamic part is mapped to a CEFSM (Communicating Extended Finite State Machine) – based model. 


TTCN-3; formal methods; refactorisation; automatic

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