RealTimeFrame – A Real Time Processing Framework for Medical Video Sequences

S. Gross, T. Stehle


Imaging technology is highly important in today’s medical environments. It provides information upon which the accuracy of the diagnosis and consequently the wellbeing of the patient rely. Increasing the quality and significance of medical image data is therefore one the aims of scientific research and development.

We introduce an integrated hardware and software framework for real time image processing in medical environments, which we call RealTimeFrame. Our project is designed to offer flexibility, easy expandability and high performance. We use standard personal computer hardware to run our multithreaded software. A frame grabber card is used to capture video signals from medical imaging systems. A modular, user-defined process chain performs arbitrary manipulations on the image data. The graphical user interface offers configuration options and displays the processed image in either window or full screen mode. Image source and processing routines are encapsulated in dynamic library modules for easy functionality extension without recompilation of the entire software framework. Documented template modules for sources and processing steps are part of the software’s source code.


medical image processing; software framework; real time image processing; multithreading

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