• Kexin Zhang
  • Tianyu Qi
  • Zhimin Zhu
  • Xingwei Xue



Polyurethane-cement composite (PUC), Strengthening, Hollow slab, Strength analysis, Field application, Load test


In this paper, a new polyurethane-cement composite (PUC) material is used to reinforce a 25-year hollow slab bridge. PUC material is composed of polyurethane and cement, which has good mechanical properties. After pouring PUC material at the bottom of the hollow slabs, the traffic can be restored in a short time. Ultimate bearing capacity was discussed based on the concrete structures. The failure mode of the reinforced beam depends on the PUC material. The strengthening process includes surface treatment of concrete, formwork erection and polyurethane cement pouring. In order to verify the effectiveness of PUC reinforced bridges, load tests were carried out before and after reinforcement. The test results showed that PUC could remove the bridge load and increase the stiffness of the hollow slabs.


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