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Author Guidelines

Basic Instructions

  • The Civil Engineering Journal redaction welcomes high-quality scientific work that has not previously been published and that contains outputs that are beneficial and original. The journal publishes original research papers containing the results of basic research or applied research. Manuscripts are accepted in English only.
  • Publishing in the Civil Engineering Journal is free of charge and can be done only using the journal’s online submission system.
  • Recommended length of an article is 10-15 pages without references (longer articles only on request). The submission must contain all figures, tables, references etc. in the correct position of the text.
  • A maximum of 2 manuscripts per author (team) can be submitted within one issue

Before the submission

  • Please make sure you adhere to the standards of publication ethics. You will find more information on ethics in publishing in our Publication ethics principles.
  • A declaration of originality and a copyright transfer are part of the submission process.
  • Download the MS word template (docx) and the Guideline for authors (pdf).
  • The Guide contains manuscript requirements, e.g. specification of submission format, paper structure, figures and tables, and references. Figures should be submitted in quality (300 dpi) and size for print. For more details please contact editor's office.
  • A thorough description of publishing you can find in Publication process in detail document.
  • Please check your text for correct scientific English and try to eliminate possible grammatical and/or spelling errors. The journal doesn’t provide proofreading and any potential language lapses are a sole responsibility of the author(s). Only a standard proof is a part of post-review process.

The Submission

  • All submitted manuscripts are are screened for plagiarism using a SimilarityCheck tool.
  • The journal has double blind peer-review process that is carried out by the redaction team. Reviewers are international experts in the selected field and they are carefully chosen by editors based on the manuscript’s theme. In order to observe reviewers independence and objectivity reviewers never now authors name and affiliation. An average reviewing process takes about 6 months – Within 6 months authors will receive first feedback from the redaction team, the final publication then depends on reviewers comments.  
  • As a part of the submission process, authors are requested to verify their submission's compliance with all items on Submission Preparation Checklist.
  • After registering, please submit your paper in the journal template form (docx)
  • Please suggest the names and institutional e-mail addresses of several potential reviewers. The suggested reviewers should be independent, should have the appropriate expertise in the papers’ topic and must not have the same affiliation as the author(s). Nevertheless, the editor keeps the right to decide whether or not the proposed reviewers are used.

After acceptance

  • As the journal is fully open access, all content is freely available to the users after publication. The papers are published under the Creative Commons CC-BY license (see Copyright notice section for details).
  • The Civil Enhineering Journal assigns Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to all published articles. The DOI is a unique string of characters assigned to a specific article by the publisher upon the electronic publication and it is guaranteed never to change. It is therefore ideal to use DOI in URL format as a link to your published work.
  • Authors are obliged to include DOI identifier with cited references where available. DOIs can be found with the article full text, content, or article information at the journal (publication) or publisher website, or in the publisher on-line database.
  • If you have problems retrieving DOIs for your reference list, please, contact the redaction for help.

Submission Preparation Checklist

All submissions must meet the following requirements.

  • The authors warrant that the work is original and that it contains no content that is illegal or offends on any proprietary right or any copyright.
  • The authors warrant that they contributed significantly to the content and preparation of this work, and that they have seen and approve the content, authorship, order of author representation, and listing of references.
  • All authors agree that this work has not currently been sent for publication elsewhere and if it is accepted in the Civil Engineering Journal, it will not be submitted elsewhere.
  • Authors are obliged to include DOI identifier with cited references where available. DOIs can be found with the article full text, content, or article information at the journal (publication) or publisher website, or in the publisher on-line database. Authors are also obliged to use their article’s DOI when referring to it in any further publication.
  • All authors agree that the content of this work has not been published in any journal or in any ISBN identified book.
  • The submission file is in Microsoft Word document file format (.docx).
  • For more effective submission processing we would greatly appreciate if you could recommend two to three independent and qualified reviewers. Our standards for reviewers are as follows: The reviewer holds no conflicts of interest with the authors, including if they have published together in the last five years The reviewer holds at least a PhD The reviewer must have recent publications in the field of the submitted paper

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.