Research on the key technology of TIED-arch bridge Incremental Launching Method Construction


  • Kexin Zhang



Tied-arch bridge, Incremental launching method, Construction monitoring, Temporary pier, Launching nose


Steel tied arch bridge has been widely used in modern bridge construction due to its beautiful shape, high material utilization rate and overall structural stiffness. However, there are few cases in which the tied-arch bridge is constructed by incremental launching . Based on the steel tied arch bridge project, this paper uses finite element software to establish the finite element simulation analysis of the construction process, and monitors the construction process of the bridge. The test results show that it is in the most unfavorable state when the cantilever at the end of the bridge reaches the maximum. At this time, the stress at the 117 m position of the beam reaches the maximum, the stress at the top edge is 33.7 MPa, and the stress at the bottom edge is -58.2 MPa. The stress in other sections did not exceed 30 MPa, and the beam was under uniform stress. When the foot of the internal arch passes through the temporary pier, the supporting force of the pier is maximum, which is about 6000 kN. The reasonable range of α is between 0.55 and 0.65, which is the ratio between the length Ln of launching nose and the maximum span L of incremental launching .


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