• Jiawei Wang Anhui Polytechnic University
  • Bing Cao
  • Bo Huang
  • Yihan Du



Horizontal rotation, UHPC spherical hinge, Rotating process simulation, Seismic time history analysis, Optimization algorithm


In the process of rotation, the total weight of the bridge structure is jointly supported by the spherical hinge and the supporting structure, and its lateral stability is poor. It is easy to lose stability under the action of dynamic loads such as seismic action effect. The present paper takes a 10,000-ton continuous rigid frame swivel bridge as the re-search object, analyzes the dynamic response of the seismic action to the horizontal swivel system, and establishes several structure simulation models. Eighteen seismic waves in three directions that meet the calculation requirements are screened for time history analysis and compared with the response spectrum method. Finally, an optimization algorithm for the seismic response of the bridge under horizontal swivel system is proposed based on the mode superposition method. The UHPC spherical hinge bears all the vertical forces and 20% of the bending moment caused by the seismic action, the support structure bearing the remaining 80% of the bending moment. The optimization algorithm proposed in this paper features high accuracy.


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Wang, J., Cao, B., Huang, B., & Du, Y. (2021). MECHANICAL BEHAVIOR OF HORIZONTAL SWIVEL SYSTEM WITH UHPC SPHERICAL HINGE UNDER SEISMIC ACTION. Stavební Obzor - Civil Engineering Journal, 30(2).