• Zhijun Zhou Chang’an University, School of Highway, Xi’an 710064, China
  • Chaoran Chen Chang’an University, School of Highway, Xi’an 710064, China
  • Longfei Wang Zhumadian Construction Survey & Design Institute Co.,Ltd., Zhumadian 463000 China
  • Yeqing Tian Chang’an University, School of Highway, Xi’an 710064, China
  • Hongming Feng Chang’an University, School of Highway, Xi’an 710064, China
  • Kangchao Wang Chang’an University, School of Highway, Xi’an 710064, China



Suspension bridge, Gravity anchorage, Anti-sliding stability, Anti-overturning stability, Contact stress


The stability of gravity anchorages is critical to the safe operation of suspension bridges. The purpose of this paper is to study the stability of a gravity anchorage under the tension of main cables. Large-scale load tests and direct shear tests under the nature state and the saturated state were carried out in the adit at the bottom of the gravity anchorage, because the bottom surface of the gravity anchorage is below the design water level of a reservoir to be built. Representative rock samples in the anchorage area were selected for indoor tests. The basic parameters of the rock mass and the characteristic value of subsoil bearing capacity were obtained based on the field and indoor tests results. The static theory was used to calculate the anti-sliding stability coefficient, anti- overturning stability coefficient and contact stress of the gravity anchorage. The finite element software was used to calculate the horizontal displacement, vertical settlement and contact stress of the gravity anchorage. The calculation results met the relevant requirements, and it can be considered that the gravity anchorage was stable under the tension of main cables. It would provide a reference for the stability study of the gravity anchorage of suspension bridges.


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