• Kexin Zhang



Polyurethane cement, Mechanical property, Acid and alkali resistance, Adhesive property


In order to study the properties of polyurethane cement composite (PUC) material, this paper has carried out the tests of compressive resistance, flexural resistance, axial tension, bonding and acid and alkali corrosion resistance of the material. The average compressive strength of the material is 59.3 MPa, the average flexural strength is 41.5 MPa, and the average axial tensile strength is 31.0 MPa. The bonding strength between the material and concrete in axial tension is 3.56 MPa, and that between the material and concrete in bending is 3.16 MPa. The failure interface of the two bond tests is not on the bond surface, indicating that the polyurethane cement composite (PUC) material has good bonding property. The chemical corrosion resistance test of polyurethane cement material showed no visible change on the surface of the material, indicating good chemical corrosion resistance.


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