• Zifeng Gu
  • Quansheng Sun
  • Meng Liu
  • Dandan Kong
  • Yang Guo



Unbalanced swivel construction, High-speed railway catenary, Multi-fulcrum swivel method, Finite element model, Support system


With the maturity and wide application of the bridge rotation construction technology, the single-fulcrum spherical hinge balance rotation can not meet the need of crossing over the high-speed railway catenary and other obstacles, so the unbalanced rotation construction is often needed. In order to ensure the stability and safety of the unbalanced rotation process, a multi-pivot rotation method is proposed. In this paper, the railway cable-stayed bridge over Harbin West Avenue is taken as the research object, and the multi-fulcrum rotating construction method over the metal contact network is adopted. The Abaqus finite element model is established, the influence of different rotation angular velocity, friction coefficient of slideway and position of support foot on the force of support system in the course of rotation is studied. The results show that, compared with the traditional single-pivot rotation, the force on the multi-pivot rotation support foot becomes the main force component, and the force on the spherical hinge decreases. The rotation angular velocity is positively correlated with Mises stress of the support foot and the spherical hinge. The friction coefficient of the slideway has a great influence on the force of the support foot. When the friction coefficient of the slideway changes in order of 0.02,0.04,0.06,0.08 and 0.1, the friction stress of the outer edge of the support foot increases linearly. Considering the force of spherical hinge and support foot, the best position of supporting foot is 7.3 m from the center of spherical hinge. The research in this paper can be used for reference in the future multi-pivot unbalanced rotation construction.


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