Service Life Prediction of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Concrete under Salt Freeze-thaw Cycles


  • Wenjie Xu School of Water Conservancy, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power
  • Zhirui Li



Basalt fiber reinforced concrete; Mechanical property; Weibull Model; Gray Model; Service life prediction


To address the reduced durability of concrete structures under salt freeze-thaw erosion in Northwest China, basalt fiber reinforced concrete and common concrete with different mixing amounts were selected to predict their service life in three freeze-thaw conditions. Results showed that the damage on concrete under fresh water freeze-thaw condition is lower than that caused by salt freeze-thaw erosion, the addition of basalt fiber can effectively slow down the degradation of mechanical properties of concrete under salt freeze-thaw erosion, and the lowest degradation rate is reached when the content of basalt fiber is 0.15%. Fiber hinders the expansion of cracks and reduces the pores, and in turn improves the frost resistance durability of concrete. The service life prediction results obtained with Gray Model and Weibull Model are roughly similar, among which, Gray Model needs less sample volume, while Weibull Model presents more accurate prediction results.


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