A Knowledge Mapping Analysis of Digital Photogrammetry Research Using CiteSpace


  • Yongquan Ge Shandong Jianzhu University
  • Yingchun Liu Shandong Jianzhu University
  • Xiaodong Liu




Knowledge Graph, CiteSpace, Digital Photogrammetry, Document Metrology, Visual Analysis


In order to clearly understand the current status and application trends of digital photogrammetry domestic and overseas research, taking the core journals of Web of Science as the data source, using bibliometric methods and CiteSpace to carry out statistical analysis of the relevant literature of digital photogrammetry research. The results show that since 2011, the research literature on digital photogrammetry has shown a steady growth year by year.  Digital photogrammetry is most closely related to the three disciplines of geology, earth science integration, and physical geography; countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, and China publish the most papers, and these countries have strong research capabilities. Lane SN and Chandler JH have been shared with a high number of citations, who are representative scholars in this field; Digital photogrammetry contains multiple research directions. This article studies the research hotspots and frontiers of digital photogrammetry through keyword co-occurrence analysis and mutation detection analysis.


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