• Jiawei Wang Anhui Polytechnic University
  • Bing Cao Anhui Polytechnic University, School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Wuhu City, Beijing Middle Road, China
  • Bo Huang Anhui Polytechnic University, School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Wuhu City, Beijing Middle Road, China
  • Yihan Du Anhui Polytechnic University, School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Wuhu City, Beijing Middle Road, China




Bridge rotation, Horizontal rotation system, Structural vibration test, Finite element simulation, Vibration control


As a new construction method, the bridge horizontal rotation construction method can reduce the impact of traffic under the bridge. During the horizontal rotation of the bridge, the overall structure will inevitably lead to a vibration response due to the construction error of the contact surface of the spherical hinge. Due to the large weight of the structure and the longer cantilever of the superstructure, the vibration at the spherical hinge will be amplified at the girder end, which will adversely affect the stability of the structure. Taking a 10,000-ton rotating bridge as a reference, a scaled model was made to test the vibration of the girder during the rotating process of the horizontal rotating system.And by analyzing the frequency domain curve of girder vibration and the results of simulation calculation, it is found that the vertical vibration displacement response is related to the first three modes of longitudinal bending of the girder structure, but has nothing to do with the higher modes or other modes. Applying the harmonic response analysis module in ANSYS software method, it is proposed that the structural vibration effect will reach the smallest by controlling the rotating speed in order to control the excitation frequency within the first-order mode frequency of girder. Also in this research, the expression of the relationship between the vertical vibration velocity and acceleration of the girder end of the horizontal rotation system and the vibration frequency of the girder is established. Based on that, it is proposed that the stability of the horizontal rotation can be predicted by monitoring the vertical velocity and acceleration of the cantilever girder end during the horizontal rotation.


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