Prefabricated building, Transportation of prefabricated components, Safety evaluation system, Set pair analysis method (SPA), Pareto analysis method (ABC)


Aiming at the safety problem of the transportation of prefabricated components in prefabricated buildings, set pair analysis (SPA) and Pareto analysis (ABC) are used to propose a transportation safety evaluation model for prefabricated components in prefabricated buildings based on SPA-ABC. Based on the existing research results, the risk factors in the three stages of transportation preparation, transportation work and storage work are sorted out, and the evaluation index system of transportation safety is established. Combining the status quo of transportation operations, SPA is used to determine the index weights. Based on the ABC theory, risk factors are divided into major risk factors (type A), secondary risk factors (type B) and general risk factors (type C), and recommendations are made based on the major risk factors. The results show that ten risk indicators such as transportation operators, transportation plans, and fixing measures for prefabricated components are type A risk factors, which are the focus of prefabricated construction transportation operations.


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