Research on the application of Pile-bucket composite structure in the Silt Coast


  • Yao Liu Northeast Forestry University;Kangwon National University of Korea
  • Jintian Chen
  • Wu Li



Pile-bucket combination, Silt coast, Stability, Displacement analysis


With the over-exploitation of high-quality coastlines, the site selection and construction of new ports have to be expanded to silt coast, which will bring about quite many technical difficulties in the construction of wharves and revetments, and the cost of investment will also rise sharply. In this paper, a kind of combined design scheme of the high-pile wharf and the bucket structure is proposed to solve the problems mentioned above. The high-pile wharf structure is meant to adapt to the silt foundation, while the bucket can help to improve the ground bearing capacity. The stability and displacement of the bucket structure, and the influence of displacement on high-pile wharf during the service period are analyzed using a finite element model. Analysis results indicate that the horizontal and vertical displacements of the bucket structure in the service period are reduced to sme extent compared with those in the construction period, and the maximum horizontal displacements of the lower barrel structure are 0.4cm more than those of the upper part.The difference between the vertical displacement on the seaside and the portside is 10.5cm, and a rotation of 0.2° occurred in the bucket. Besides, the working loads above the bucket have a significant influence on the horizontal displacement and sliding stability of the bucket in the service period. It can be known from the above conclusion that the composite structure is a kind of structure that can adapt to the conditions of soft soil underwater, and it has advantages of the construction period and cost when used in water depth and silt area, which provides useful experience for the silt coastal projects.


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