Deformation rule of bored pile & steel support for deep foundation pit in sandy pebble geology


  • Xuansheng Cheng Lanzhou University of Technology
  • Jiuru He
  • Xinlei Li
  • Qingchun Xia
  • Hongling Su
  • Chaobo Chen



Sand pebble geology, deep foundation pit, bored pile, steel support, deformation rule


Regarding the whole excavation process of the support system of the Southwest Jiaotong University Station of Chengdu Metro Line 6 (the deep foundation pit bored pile + steel support and support system) as the engineering background, this paper studies the deformation rule of the deep foundation pit bored pile + steel support of the sandy pebble foundation. The deformation rule of this support system, the settlement rule of the ground surface outside the pit, and the rule of the uplift of the loose at the bottom of the pit are studied. A key analysis of the positive corner of the foundation pit is conducted, and the rationality of the optimization of the support scheme is evaluated. This paper provides effective guidance for the subsequent deep foundation pit construction and provides a reference for deep foundation pit construction.


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Cheng, X., He, J., Li, X., Xia, Q., Su, H., & Chen, C. (2023). Deformation rule of bored pile & steel support for deep foundation pit in sandy pebble geology. Stavební Obzor - Civil Engineering Journal, 32(3), 282–297.