Study on time effect of bearing capacity of Offshore Large Diameter Monopiles


  • suchun yang Tianjin University
  • Qiang Chen Tianjin Port and Channel Engineering Co., Ltd., Tianjin
  • Shean Bie Tianjin University, School of Civil Engineering, Tianjin
  • Fubo He Tianjin Port and Channel Engineering Co., Ltd., Tianjin



Offshore, Large diameter, Monopiles, Side resistance, Time-dependent


In order to improve the evaluation ability of bearing capacity of offshore large-diameter monopile, the initial high strain detection and repeated high strain detection with an interval of 10-84 days were carried out on 6 large-diameter monopiles with a diameter of 7.2m-7.4m in the offshore wind field dominated by cohesive soil layer. The results show that the time-dependent increase of tip resistance, pile side resistance and total resistance of large-diameter monopiles in the same offshore wind farm has great discreteness, and the axial force increment of pile has a consistent change trend. This paper puts forward the prediction interval of 95% guarantee rate of bearing capacity increment of offshore large-diameter single pile based on depth, which provides a basis for the design of large-diameter monopile.


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yang, suchun, Chen, Q., Bie, S., & He, F. (2022). Study on time effect of bearing capacity of Offshore Large Diameter Monopiles. Stavební Obzor - Civil Engineering Journal, 31(3), 494–503.