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  • Ye Jin



Underground excavation method, Underground bundled integrate tunnel, Saturated soft soil, Subway station, Prestressed tension, Ground surface subsidence


In order to solve the problems existing in the construction of underground structures located in the downtown of saturated soft soil area, such as insufficient construction site, complex adjacent structures and great impact on the surrounding environment, the construction method of underground bundled integrate tunnel(U-BIT) is proposed. In this method, after steel pipes jacking completed, concrete is filled into the pipes, and prestress is tensioned to make each independent pipe combined to form a whole bearing structure, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the size of structural components, improving the structural stiffness and bearing capacity. Based on the structural mechanical properties test and the project of Wuding Road Station of Shanghai Metro Line 14, the failure mechanism of bundled integrate structure, the tension technology of prestressed tendons in narrow space and the variation rules of ground surface subsidence are systematically studied. The research shows that structural seam sections will be destroyed before pipe sections, so ensuring the mechanical performance of seam sections is very important to make sure the structural safety. Since each independent pipe is combined to form an overall stable structure under the prestress effect, the subsequent soil excavation has little influence on the tension of prestressed tendons and ground surface deformation. Therefore, the above construction method can control the ground surface subsidence effectively and reduce the influence of underground engineering construction on the surrounding environment.   


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