Study on the reasonable RSR of arch and its influencing factors in PBA method


  • Jing Sun Guangzhou Metro Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd



Subway, PBA method, RSR, LPC, structure thickness, deformation law, Concrete structure


In this paper, based on the numerical calculation, the reasonable rise-span ratio (RSR) and its influencing factors of the arch in the PBA method are compared and analyzed, and the mechanical properties of the arch under different influencing factors (RSR, lateral pressure coefficient (LPC), and structure thickness) is further obtained. The results show that the deformation and bending moment of the arch structure decreases first and then increases with the increase of the RSR, that is, optimal RSR exists. Different LPCs have a great influence on the stress of arch structure, and the deformation and bending moment of arch structure decrease with the increase of LPC. The increase in arch structure thickness can effectively reduce structural deformation, but may also lead to an increase in structural stress due to the increase in self-weight. At the same time, the comprehensive factors show that the optimal RSR increases with the increase of LPC and structure thickness, and it is suggested that the reasonable RSR should be 0.2-0.3. The rationality of the calculation is also verified by the application status of the station RSR with the PBA method in China.


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