Research on the Protective Effect of Twin-groyne Arrangement on Riverbank


  • Xi Mao Sichuan Agricultural University
  • Xiaofan Liu
  • Chengle Xie
  • Zhongquan Xu
  • Jiawen Huang
  • Henggan Li
  • Nengzhong Lei
  • Shuiqian Wang
  • Lele Wang
  • Songliang Chen
  • Hongyu Qiu



arrangement, erosion, hydraulics, scour, spur dike, twin-groyne


A curved channel with intersecting streams can be easily scoured by incoming flow, and the concave bank is badly damaged. This research showed that the twin-groyne could effectively adjust and optimize the flow velocity distribution, change the shape of the free water surface of the bend, prevent erosion, and promote silting on the concave bank, and it could provide a scouring and silting effect on the convex bank. When the spacing of twin-groyne was increased to more than four times the body length of the single-groyne (spur dike), the protective effect on the concave bank was weakened, and the scouring and silting effect of the convex bank was reduced. Excessive spacing of the twin-groyne could cause local erosion damage to the concave bank. When the distance exceeded the theoretical optimum, it was equivalent to the effect of single-groyne. With the increase in the submergence degree, the velocity of the concave bank decreased first and then increased, while the velocity of convex bank decreased continuously. The protective effect of a non-submerged twin-groyne with a dam spacing of four times the body length of the single-groyne was better than that of other conditions, and it is recommended to be used in practice.


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