Influence of Construction Period of Bridge Across Reservoir on Operation of Adjacent Power Station


  • Xi Mao Wuyi University
  • Hongyu Qiu
  • Rui Wang
  • Peiyu Huang
  • Shuiqian Wang
  • Nengzhong Lei
  • Weimin Wu
  • Songliang Chen
  • Lele Wang
  • Jiawen Huang
  • Zhongquan Xu



bridge engineering, construction stage, environment, influence, reservoir


The influence of the construction period of the bridge project across the reservoir on the adjacent power station includes not only the direct impact on the hydropower hub but also the impacts on the reservoir area, flood discharge, power station head, water diversion and sediment prevention, power generation operation, and other factors. In this paper, from the aspects of the power station operation, an evaluation index for the influence of the construction period of a bridge across a reservoir on the adjacent power station is developed, and an evaluation system is constructed. Based on the constructed evaluation system, the influence of the bridge construction period on the adjacent power stations is analyzed. This evaluation system provides a reference for the impact assessment of cross-reservoir bridge engineering on adjacent hydropower stations.


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Mao, X., Qiu, H., Wang, R., Huang, P., Wang, S., Lei, N., Wu, W., Chen, S., Wang, L., Huang, J., & Xu, Z. (2023). Influence of Construction Period of Bridge Across Reservoir on Operation of Adjacent Power Station. Stavební Obzor - Civil Engineering Journal, 33(3), 345–355.