• Zhipeng Tang Northeast Forestry University
  • Quansheng Sun
  • Zifeng Gu
  • Yafeng Zhao
  • Haoyang Zhang



Cable-stayed bridge, Swivel construction, Multi-point braced, Spherical hinge rotation method, Weighing experiment


To guarantee the safety of the swivel process, the weighing experiment before the swivel is especially important. Based on this, this paper takes a twin-tower, double-cable prestressed concrete swivel cable-stayed bridge as the background and suggests a multi-point braced swivel weighing experiment involving the joint force of the arm-brace and the spherical hinge to solve problems such as a particular obstacle in the relying project's swivelling process. Firstly, the relevant weighing experiment formulas for various circumstances were theoretically derived. The field test results were then used to calculate the jacking force at the limit state during the jacking process, which was then substituted into the relevant formulae, and the relevant parameters of the weighing experiment were calculated. Finally, the counterweight is adjusted based on the weighing results to carry out the structural rotation. The angular velocity was stable during the swivelling process, and the structure was successfully swivelled. The successful practice of a multi-point braced swivel weighing experiment involving the joint force of the arm-brace, and the spherical hinge can provide a reference for the design and construction of similar bridges.


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