Bridges, Structural analysis, Finite element methods


Due to the rapid development of the transportation industry and economy, an increasing number of bridges have been unable to meet the demands of traffic. Demolishing and rebuilding bridges can lengthen the construction period, waste a lot of resources, and increase construction costs. Based on the lifting renovation project of the old Harbin Dongsan Ring Expressway viaduct, this paper combines finite element analysis and on-site testing to analyze the construction process. The bridge alignment, elevation, and deviations were monitored during the construction process, and a correction system was developed to address such issues. Structural analysis was conducted to evaluate the internal forces when uneven jacking occurred. The construction process described in this paper can effectively solve the jacking problems of urban continuous bridges with large tonnage, high slopes, and heights. The successful implementation of the jacking retrofitting project has verified the reliability of the measures taken.


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Zhang, Z., Sun, quansheng, zhang, chao, & Li, X. (2023). MONITORING AND ANALYSIS OF CANTILEVER JACKING OF HIGH SLOPE PRESTRESSED CONCRETE CONTINUOUS BOX GIRDER. Stavební Obzor - Civil Engineering Journal, 32(3), 426–442.