Mechatronics Approach for a Controlled Actuation of the Presser Foot Mechanism on an Industrial Sewing Machine

L. F. Silva, M. Lima, C. Couto, J. Coelho, F. N. Ferreira, A. M. Rocha


This paper describes the study of the research program being carried out on the feeding system of an industrial overlock sewing machine. The results obtained from the presser foot bar displacement and compression force, together with the graphic kinematic analysis, which includes the velocity and acceleration taken from the displacement-time curves of the presser bar, led to further understanding of the feeding system dynamics. This study is providing the basis for the development of a redesigned and optimized fabric feeding system. The new actuation system, based on a proportional force solenoid integrated in the presser foot bar, will be also discussed as an important contribution to achieving a desired dynamic behaviour at high sewing speeds.


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