Temperature Distribution in Solar Cells Calculated in Three Dimensional Approach

Hamdy K. Elminir, V. Benda, Javed A. Jan


Field-testing is costly, time consuming and depends heavily on prevailing weather conditions. Adequate security and weather protection must also provide at the test site. Delays can also be caused due to bad weather and system failures. To overcome these problems, a Photovoltaic (PV) array simulation may be used. For system design purpose, the model must reflect the details of the physical process occurring in the cell, to get a closer insight into device operation as well as optimization of particular device parameters. PV cell temperature ratings have a great effect on the main cell performance. Hence, the need for an exact technique to calculate accurately and efficiently the temperature distribution of a PV cell arises, from which we can adjust safe and proper operation at maximum ratings. The Scope of this work is to describe the development of 3D-thermal models, which are used to update the operation temperature, to get a closer insight into the response behavior and to estimate the overall performance.


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