Innovation on RC Waffle and Ribbed Slab Analysis Models


  • P. Hájek


Waffle and ribbed reinforced concrete slabs are widely used in building constructions in view of the flexibility design and structural efficiency. The wide range of reinforced concrete and composite waffle and ribbed slabs has been theoretically analysed and tested from the point of view of structural behaviour within the research performed in the last years. The results of the experimental investigation, supported by theoretical conclusions, have confirmed significantly better structural properties of the composite waffle slabs (composed from RC and ceramic fillers) than the assumptions usually considered in common analysis models. New analysis equivalent models for structural analysis RC and composite waffle and ribbed structures have been developed and compared with the test results. In the paper are presented some generalized conclusions as a basis for the formulation of principles of an optimized design of RC waffle and ribbed slab structures.


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P. Hájek



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