Computer Simulation of Flow in CSO “OK3D Evropská”


  • J. Pollert


During the last 30 years, a number of devices has been developed for dynamic separation of settle able solids in wastewaters. Initially, these separators were used for control of Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) pollution by retaining the bulk of solids in the underflow, directed to the sewage treatment plant (STP), and allowing combined sewage with reduced pollutant loads to overflow from the sewer systém. This paper is describing CSO “OK 3D Evropská” in Prague 6 on Evropská Street. Inlet to CSO is 3 m diameter tube collecting water from location of Oepy, Vokovice, Liboc and Ruzyně. The outflow throttle pipe is 1.1 m in diameter and continues to central wastewater treatment plant and overflow is ending in Šárecký creek. Šárecký creek flows through the Šárka valley which is environmentally protected area. CSO “OK 3D Evropská" has high overflow crest and probability of the function is 0.44 per year.


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J. Pollert



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