A Simplified Analysis of the Post-buckling Behavior of a Compressed Reinforcing Bar

P. Kabele


Recently, a computational methodology based on a sequential multiscale approach, which facilitates numerical simulation of an R/C building demolition has been developed. In this type of analysis, it is necessary to capture the behavior of compressed reinforcement bars until complete rupture, which occurs due to extensive bending in the post-buckling regime. To this end, a simplified analytical model of the post-buckling behavior of a compressed bar is proposed. The simplification consists namely in considering rigid-plastic material behavior, neglecting axial contraction of the central line, and approximating the shape of the deformed central line in the plastic hinges by a circular arch. Consequently, the axial loading force, bar end displacement, and extreme strain can be expressed in relatively simple closed forms. The results obtained with the proposed model show very close agreement with those obtained by a detailed and realistic finite element analysis, which justifies the use of the simplifying assumptions. 


reinforcement bar; hardening plasticity; post-buckling behavior

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